Install Solar PV panels on your roof top. Whether it’s a house a bungalow a row house or an individual property, we could install solar pv panels on your unused roof space and give you assured returns which protects your future financially. The system size could range from 1.5KW to 6KW. The Solar system installed could fetch you government benefits.


Solar system could be installed on the roof top of your commercial building and save you large chunk of money and electricity. The installed system would generate electricity during the day time and the excess generated could be used post sunset saving you millions of rupees in the span of 25 years. Solar system assures you a ROI of 17-20%. Government is helping you save electricity and money by giving the installer benefits.


Solar system can be installed on your factory or industry roof top / shed without you worrying about the load. MNRE has introduced NET METERING system which promotes producing electricity through solar and saving you 50-95% of electricity bill EVERY YEAR for 25-30 years. Net metering will help you export all the produced electricity to the GRID and use electricity from the GRID.

Education Institutions

Install solar pv panels on your society roof top and use free electricity for next 25 years. All you provide is unused roof space and all you get is free electricity. It can help you run all the common amenities and earn you a subsidy.